Incorporating Media into a Trial or Study Protocol

Clinical Trials can benefit greatly from the incorporation of multi-media into the trial protocol. Mobile technology, with vastly enhanced security and media capture capabilities are ideal to provide these services. Using the ANZU® patented video bookmarking technology, this process can now be integrated into the EDC.

The media component of the EDC can be broken into four features, accessible to the end-user based on their designated role in the study:

Media Capture

Design and Record Protocol-Based Qualitative Events

Role based access to any recording feature or combination of features

  • Videos
  • Image
  • Audios

Customized media forms based on study protocol

Optimized, encrypted video packet upload directly to secure cloud infrastructure

Direct upload to Media Analysis Workflow for further processing

Record Videos or Audio, Take Photos

Configure Video Resolution

Media Analysis

Quantifying Qualitative Information

Patented bookmarking of protocol-defined endpoints in a recorded patient evaluation

  • Videos
  • Audios

Patient/Parent shared videos available for analysis if defined in protocol

Role based access

Filterable data sets

  • Site
  • Subject
  • Visit
  • Evaluation
  • Media Type

Direct submission to Media Validation/Review Workflow for further processing

Media Validation/Review

Expert Analysis and Review

Single reviewer or sequential multi-reviewer workflows based on trial/study protocol

Form based evaluation of photos

Role based access defines reviewer functionality

Variable functionality in the reviewing process

  • Approve endpoint
  • Reject endpoint
  • Add endpoint
  • Edit endpoint

Reviewer can message Operations/Reviewers/Site personnel

Direct submission to Sponsor Trial/Study Media Library

Sponsor Trial/Study Media Library

Tracking Your Trial Patients Progress Through Multi-Media Analysis

View all media that has completed the review process

Role based access

Filter Media Library by:

  • Media Type
  • Site
  • Subject
  • Visit
  • Evaluation
  • Endpoint (for video and audio)
  • Datapoints on photo evaluation form

Create ”Video Playlist” based on filtered dataset and export as an mp4 video (optional)

Create a “Photo Playlist” based on a filtered dataset and export as a PowerPoint (optional)